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Mid-Hudson Bridge Model Project

M_M completed bridge facing north from S

The Project

           The Mid-Hudson Bridge, opened 90 years ago this year, connects the two sides of the Hudson Valley for commerce and has helped to build the Hudson Valley community. The Bridge’s iconic structure is often used by businesses and civic groups to represent the Hudson Valley.

            Many businesses and civic organizations are successful in part due to access provided by the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley (HBHV) is providing a unique opportunity to promote your business or group and celebrate the continued presence of the Mid-Hudson Bridge.

            HBHV has contracted Usheco of Kingston, NY to create a form to mold models of the Mid-Hudson Bridge.  A limited number of models will be available for purchase. This is a one-time opportunity.  These models will be primarily offered to local businesses, groups, and individuals throughout Poughkeepsie and Highland, to highlight the connection between these Hudson Valley communities.  The models, decorated to celebrate local businesses and groups, will recognize the long term presence and invaluable contribution of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in our community.

            These types of models are very popular throughout the Hudson Valley. Some examples include the Catskill Cats, the Highland Trolleys, and the Esopus Tugboats. Tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting all model locations, meaning new connections for businesses, organizations, and artists.

          As HBHV is facilitating this opportunity, all designs must be approved by our MHB Model committee. Businesses, groups, and individuals can purchase a model, with the option to create their own design, seek out an artist to create their design, or go through HBHV to find an artist. Artists interested in designing a model, please contact

Once designs are approved and purchases are finalized, HBHV will create a map, available digitally and in print copy, to promote the presence of all MHB models at area locations. Models must be displayed from August 24th through Thanksgiving, 2020.



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Mid-Hudson Bridge Model Project?

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The Model Project is finishing up for this year. Models will be displayed until later this fall. You can look to join the model group in 2021, with models to be displayed in the spring. Click the button bellow to see this year's models!

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