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Peregrine Falcons on the NYSBA Bridges.p

During the 2020 nesting season, Peregrine Falcons nested on the Mid-Hudson Bridge and on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. 

The chicks were named through a naming contest, which will be hosted again next year.

Below is a video of Chris Nadareski of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection banding the peregrine chicks on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge earlier this year. Below this video is the link to the Mid-Hudson Bridge webcam, which is usually live from March through July, because this is when the peregrines usually nest.

Peregrine Falcon Archives

Poughkeepsie Journal - May 23, 1997

Falcons 1.png

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Times Herald Record - May 24, 1997.png

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Poughkeepsie Journal - June 1, 1997.png

Poughkeepsie Journal - June 13, 1997

Poughkeepsie Journal - June 13, 1997.png

Poughkeepsie Journal - May 7, 2002

Pk journal - May 7, 2002.png

Poughkeepsie Journal - June 1, 2004

Pk Journal June 1, 2004.png

Daily Freeman - May 18, 2007

Daily Freeman may 18, 2007.png
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